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V oilà une question qui tombe bien puisque Magalie Lavoie, elle aussi de Québec, aimerait pour sa part savoir «si le parfum et l’eau de toilette ne pourraient pas être des bons produits de remplacement puisqu’ils sont composés d’alcool éthylique à 70 % [et que le Purell est lui-même un mélange d’alcool, de glycérine et de fragrance]».

ETHANOL (ETHYL ALCOHOL) or ETHANOL SOLUTION (ETHYL ALCOHOL SOLUTION) Comment: Class: 3: Classification: F1: Packing group: II: Labels: 3: Danger number: 33: Transport category: 2: Tunnel code (D/E) Special provisions: 144 601: Limited quantity: 1 L: Excepted quantity: E2: Packing instructions: P001 IBC02 R001: Special packing provisions: Mixed packing provisions : … Sanix - Gel d'alcool pour les mains avec émollients, 70% alcool éthylique (250 mL and 4L sizes) A list of the previously recalled hand sanitizers can be found here . Casino Ethyl Alcohol (Disinfectant) Products Made In Philippines, Philippines Manufacturer. Casino Rubbing Alcohol is made from 70% ethyl alcohol derived from nature's sun-drenched sugar cane. It is used as an alcohol antiseptic and rubefacient added with a fresh fragrance you will love. It contains moisturizers that prevent the drying of the skin when massaged or rubbed down. 11.10.2008 Contains Ethanol 70%. Made with plant-based alcohol Aloe Vera - Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizer. Assassin hand sanitizer disinfects and leaves hands refreshed, with no rinsing required. Just pump and rub hands until dry. Antiseptic cleaser sanitazies and does not smell like traditional hand sanitizers, it smells good! Health Canada Approved Sanitizer FR alcool éthylique 64-17-5 VME 1.000 1.900 5.000 9.500 INRS Mention VLCT Valeur limite court terme (limite d’exposition à court terme): valeur limite au-dessus de laquelle il ne devrait pas y avoir d’exposition et qui se rapporte à une période de quinze minutes (sauf indication contraire) Casino Ethyl Alcohol, Cebu City. 222,743 likes · 1,700 talking about this · 442 were here. OFFICIAL Facebook page of Casino Ethyl Alcohol Disinfects without drying your skin.

La solution d'alcool éthylique 90% Gifrer est un un produit indispensable pour désinfecter efficacement les plaies bénignes, les écorchures ou même les piqûres.. C'est le produit à avoir dans sa trousse de secours ou pharmacie. Conditionnement . La solution d'alcool éthylique 90% Gifrer se présente sous la forme d'un flacon de 250 ml.

The exceptional safety profile of this 7% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) solution means there is no special ventilation required. PREempt™ CS20’s active Hydrogen Peroxide is environmentally preferable (breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no active ingredient residue. Alcool éthylique non dénaturé d'un titre alcoométrique volumique de 80 % vol ou plus: 2207 10 00 (LTR) Alcool éthylique et eaux-de-vie dénaturés de tous titres: 2207 20 00 (LTR) 22.08 Alcool éthylique non dénaturé d'un titre alcoométrique volumique de moins de 80 % vol; eaux-de-vie, liqueurs et autres boissons spiritueuses Alcool Ethylique side effects and Toxicity Oral, rat LD 50 : 5628 mg/kg. Symptoms and effects of overdose include nausea, vomiting, CNS depression, acute respiratory failure or death and with chronic use, severe health problems, such as liver and brain damage.

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Solution d’alcool Alcool éthylique non dénaturé d’un titre alcoométrique volumique de 80% ou plus 2207 10 00 2208 90 (NC en fonction de la contenance du récipient) Alcool éthylique dénaturé 2207 20 00 Désinfectants pour les mains 3808 94 90 90 Autres préparations désinfectantes 3808 94 90 90

Casino Ethyl Alcohol 70% solution is clinically proven and tested to eliminate 99.9% of disease-causing germs. Made from Ethyl alcohol that is derived from sugar cane. Unlike other strong alcohols, Casino provides a solution that is gentle on skin, but harsh on germs. With this, you can frequently sanitize your skin without fear of drying it out. Search results for Alcohol ethanol 70 alcool ethylique at Sigma-Aldrich Product name : Ethyl Alcohol, 70% v/v Product code : VT270 Other means of identification : Ethanol, Denatured, 70% v/v . 1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against . Use of the substance/mixture : For laboratory and manufacturing use only. 1.3. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet MSDS # 273.00 Ethyl Alcohol 70% Scholar Chemistry Section 9: Physical and Chemical Properties Molecular formula C2H5OH. Appearance Clear, colorless liquid. Molecular weight 46.07. Odor Alcohol . Specific Gravity 0.790 g/mL @ 20°C. Odor Threshold N/A. Vapor Density (air=1) 1.59. Solubility Completely soluble in water. Melting Point -114°C.